Thursday, September 06, 2007

party like a....

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The only reason I woke up @ 8am was to move the car. Others were just getting to bed.
Monday was a great day and night. We woke in mt shasta early to skip any traffic at lake shasta and bolted down I5 to sfo. The drive was uneventful except a detour because the bay bridge was closed. We went over the golden gate which was amazing. There were a ton of people walking and biking and enjoying the last ceremonial day of summer. Upon arrival, we chilled before heading to Pacifica for a bbq with our friends. Great to catch up and hang out in the ocean coolness and mist. Oh, and the brats were perfectly cooked.
As evening approached, the excitement level rose. We met up with our english friends and some others we have met along the touring way. We found out the band was delayed, so we hung out and just chatted. When we did get to the venue, it was rather crowded, but we only had to hang out for a minute before Colin swooped us back stage. Cool! It was you normal back stage with couches and the band and beer and a fruit tray. We were only back there a few moments before the show started. We hung out on the side and watched a great show. Everyone was into it and there weren't any fireworks and Colin even sang on one of the new songs. Yay!
After the show is a little blurry. I will wake up and try and remember it all.... Off for some lunch.

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