Monday, January 21, 2008

The bridge.......again

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Where were you at 2am Sunday morning? How about 2am this morning? Wow, what a weekend. I have to say that one of the best moments of the weekend was walking around downtown at 2am Sunday morning. Yeah, it was a little cold and a bit damp, but the city was quiet and enchanting. We were downtown to see a show at Dantes and then needed to head over to NE to pick up my friend's van and find him a hotel for the night, so we walked. The Burnside Bridge was closed even to bike and food traffic and MAX was long shut down, so we ventured down to the waterfront and across the Steel bridge. We even caught it when a freight train was rolling across. So cool, so loud.

When I say we, I mean Mr. WizardBoots and I. See, the weekend started with a walk home from work and then an evening out with Spindrift, one of the bands we like. They were playing at East End. An internet friend of Anna's - Wizard Boots - came to Portland to see the band. We hit it off and became fast friends, so Saturday, after waking and coffeeing, I took him out to show him Portland. I love doing that. We hit up Rocky Butte, Pittock Mansion, Hawthorne and Bridgeport Brewing. He and I then went downtown on Saturday night to see a band named Hello Lobster - devo-ish. We missed most of their set due to a misunderstanding and going to the wrong venue. That's what you get when you have a few beers on an empty stomach.

Sunday was quieter, but not as quiet as you would expect. Wizard Boots came over for dinner and then he Anna and I went to Revolver Studios to catch Spindrift again in a small private show. The studio is owned and operated by our friend Colin and his partner, so they wanted to do a grand opening in style. There were about 100 people there once the band started, but it was a school night for many, so the crowd thinned as they played. I would say about 60 people were left when the band finished. They performed a great set that had people dancing, swaying and clapping excitedly. Oh, and to listen to a band perform with just their amps and a powered mic is way cool. Like I said- intimate.

Two busy days and three late nights has me a little raw and tired. Not hungover or sick, just worn out a bit. I feel I lived like a rawk star a little this weekend and I love it.

some more photos of the weekend

Despair in the Westerner Hotel

Ok, I guess I had a couple of beers.

We learned chess on the fly.

the fog. times like this is when I want to learn photography.


divebarwife said...

We were planning on going to Dante's - for Fist of Dishonor playing with the Lobster band - but we found out the singer was sick and they canceled, so we didn't go. Wishing now maybe we had!

Vicki Jean said...

He stayed at the Westerner?!?!?! Stories, you must share stories!