Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I did pretty well last week even though it was hella cold. I gave up on Thursday afternoon before crossing the Steel Bridge. The cold biting wind on my face was just too much. I did walk yesterday and my route took me across the Broadway bridge and up Interstate to N. Mississippi. I had to stop by Widmer for a happy hour beer. I tried to pull in others via Twitter and text messaging, but no one was available. I did learn this. Even though the 23oz glass of brew is only $3, it isn't necessarily what one should order. Unless you drink it fast, it warms up before you can finish. Next time I'll order the pints.

When I walk, I think. I usually put together lists in my head. Some of those lists come to fruition, others not. Yesterday, my list was about beer. Tinymeat wants to brew some beer and so do I, I I have been thinking about what equipment I still have. When I got home, I grabbed the homebrew book and began putting together a list.


As you can see, I have many of the items listed. What is crazy is that most of it was stored in a big pot in the basement along with some 3 and 5lb bags of malt, some hop pellets, a thing of yeast (that should have been refrigerated...,) and sugar. Now, I don't know how much of this is salvagable, but the equipment will still work just fine. The pot has some surface rust which may or may not doom it to the scrap bin. I'll have to figure that one out. Also, I have some hose, but none of it is the length I require. So, we'll need to do some shopping at some point. 15 years ago when I brewed last, the only resource for beer making equipment was FH Steinbarts which was pretty darn spendy. Now luckily we have places like Home Depot. Still, we'll have to hit up Steinbarts for the ingredients at least.

So, we're off and running I guess. A friend has bottles and I have space in the basement to store beer while it ferments, albeit with the cats. Soon, we'll have a beer tasting party somewhere.

Next up, an outbuilding to store the still......

Some of the stuff I found:
beer suppliesDSCN7663DSCN7662

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