Friday, April 04, 2008

Because I love America!

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Wow, what a day. We ventured into Philadelphia to have some crazy tourist fun. I figure that I'm a big guy, so I can look like a tourist and be pretty safe. Adding in the map in one hand and the camera in another is a great idea.

We started off with Eastern State Penitentiary. We have been to Alcatraz, so thought this would be similar. It was, but different. We were able to wander around ourselves with an audio guided tour. This place, built in 1817 or so was a model prison for the future of penology. I love saying and writing penology. The prison is a wagon wheel design and its purpose was to keep the prisoners isolated completely. No common areas or anything. The cells did have an outdoor area, but it was walled off for each cell. Wow. Oh, and this prison was around until 1971.

Then it was off to Independence Mall and the birthplace of AMERICA. We were able to see the Liberty Bell, but not the constitution. Independence hall had already given out all the tickets for the day. We could have done a free tour at 4pm, but were already at Triumph brewing down the street @ 4. And yes, Triumph Brewing was excellent.

Triumph Brewing surprised me. It was a little upscale in the decor, making me wonder about their beer. Well, after the first taste, I realized this was the shit. They know what they are doing. We did the sampler tray which gave us a great view into the brewer's mind. My faves were the Amber and the IPA. I ended up having an IPA in a larger glass. Anna had the Amber. I will go back to Triumph if I can.

After Triumph, we ventured to a Belgian beer basement where we had a couple of other beers and some fondue - both cheese and chocolate. Wow, everything there was amazing.

While @ the Belgian place, we looked up BSG on our phones trying to find a locale in Phili to watch it. We found a place in North Phili and took off. The drive was fun and we were able to see another part of Philly that we wouldn't normally see. When we arrived to the location - Whitman Tavern - we were early, so ventured over to Petco to look at the snakes, insects, rats, hammies and birds. It was wierd, but fun. When we got back to the "event," we spoke with the organizer and discovered that this was not a BSG event. We had happened upon his blog which implied a BSG connection, but there wasn't any. Oh well, chalk it up to experience.

So, in the end, we ended up back in King of Prussia chillin with our $10 Heiniken.

nighty night.


jonashpdx said...

i have very good friends who would recommend yuengling, made in kutztown ,PA, but should be available all over Pennsylvania.

jonashpdx said...

see, if i had scrolled down earlier, i would have seen you were already all over the yuengling. silly me.

divebarwife said...

I don't think all the mouth to mouth out there will bring him back to life...