Thursday, April 03, 2008

Phili day 1

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Got here late last night and are staying in King of Prussia, PA. I love that I'm staying in a city with a three word name. Our first day actually started pretty early as we arrived after 1 and didn't get to bed until around 3am. We've been a little tired most of the day, but the day ended up being a success. We visited Villanova first thing and checked out the campus. Wow, they are uber catholic. There is a crucifix everywhere.
After meeting with advisors and then a small quick tour, we went to check out our first apartment. I honestly was concerned because we only had one apartment visit setup and I'm a shopper. Well, after being turned around a little, we found the place and were immediately sold. It is indeed expensive, but perfect for a non-car-driving Villanova student. Wooo hoooo. We secured it and were done with our chores early. Our early evening entailed meeting other Villanova nursing students and learning about the program Anna will be attending next month. All in all, a great day...

And then we wanted a beer. Next to our hotel was a Hooters. It was simple, so we ventured in. First off, terrible service. Secondly, the food was icky. Lastly, no microbrew. But there was an upside. They didn't charge us for 2 $4.50 Sam Adams. Now that's a deal.

But wait. We still wanted a beer for the hotel. Did you know that in Pennsylvania, you can only buy beer from either a beer outlet or a restaurant. No beer sales in stores. So I asked the concierge at the hotel where I could get some beer and 1/2 hr later, I paid $21 for a sixpack of Heinekin and a sixpack of Yingling's. And the best part? I got them at CHILI's.

Where the fuck am I?

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Pam said...

When I first relocated to OR from PA, I thought it was bizarre that I could buy beer and wine in convenient stores.

You'll learn to love Yuengling!