Sunday, June 29, 2008

I think I'll name him Deery

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Yeah, when we get around wild animals, they get funny names like Deery, Elky, Squirrelman, Birdy, Wolfie etc. This lovely fella came and hung with us at Wallowa Lake in far eastern Oregon last weekend. Anna was in town and we were out there relaxing for a few days for our friend's wedding. Upon my return, I referred to it as a weekend of drunken debauchery. Not necessarily Anna and I, but....

Honestly, we had a blast. The trip started off a little stressful with Anna arriving late Friday night and the need to leave around 5:30am Saturday morning for what we were told would be a 7hr drive. It turned out to be only 6, so we arrived around noon only to find out they wouldn't let us check in to the cabin until 3. That sucked because we needed to change into wedding clothes and the wedding was @ 2pm. I hate you Wallowa Lake Resort - you have no compassion. When we asked if there was a place to change, they recommended the toilets at the state park. ugh. We planned on just driving out of the crowded zone to the woods when we came upon the hall that was hosting the reception. Luckily it was open and we were able to change and prep there in time for the wedding. Crisis averted.
The rest of the weekend was a blur for many. Terminal Gravity was the beer of choice along with plenty of other distractions. We spent a lot of time in the trees right by the lake which was stunningly relaxing. I loved spending time with Anna and our friends - even some new ones we met that weekend.
On the way home, we chatted about maybe looking into property we could call a vacation spot. I'm not sure I want something where all the families go with their gaggle of kids and SUVs, nor something that is 7hrs drive away. I'm thinking 150 miles from Portland would be the limit. Anyone got any ideas where I might find some cheap land?

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