Saturday, June 14, 2008

Walking home through SE Portland

Sorry for the last of photos on these entries. I'm usually out there snapping away when I walk. I just haven't the last few days. Not sure why. It may be that I am passing items I have already seen or snapped, so I just enjoy it in my mind's camera.
The last three nights have been a little blurry. I have been out with friends each and every evening. I got caught up with Tomas @ Roux. Had beers with John @ Green Dragon and cocktails with Meghann and Montia and friends at Bonfire in SE. Each time, I walked either too or from the location and experienced all that Portland had to offer. Last night was cool. It was about 11 and I was around 28th and SE Stark. Now that was a walk. Instead of staying on the main streets, I wandered through neighborhood and such. SE Portland is alive! Wow. And you know what? There are bikes everywhere. This city really needs to get its ass in gear and put up some more bike parking. At some of the bars, bikes are not even locked to anything, just to themselves because there isn't anything left to lock to. You can't get a kryptonite lock around a tree. I just feel that the city is thinking this may be a phase, but its not. I did see some new bike racks up by SouthPark downtown that they were installing. It will be cool when people go out to the symphony on their bikes and the Schnitz will be forced to accomodate them for the business.

We're doing a bike afternoon here in Portland. It started out as a couple of guys gonna bike and beer, but I think it may turn into something a little more. No naked riding, but I think we may have more fun than we think. I know I have been soo excited to get back on my bike and get out there. I even bought a new saddle for it.

Today's list of to do's first:
  • eat breakfast - done
  • drink iced coffee - in progress
  • put clean laundry away
  • clean up bedroom/bath
  • install new drip water system for garden pots
  • hit rebuilding center to get some lumber for pergola
  • work on cleaning up backyard for Anna's visit next week
  • have fun and enjoy the sun
I won't try and do all of that, but lists keep me from sitting in front of the TV. Have I told you I haven't watched much TV this week? Maybe 2 hrs. Kinda crazy.


pero said...

Nice to do list. Almost has me inspired to make my own list. I have some work to do in the yard as well-- like setting some mole traps. Actually, I would prefer to put out grub killer to drive the moles away rather than setting a trap, which would result in sliced mole, or maybe moleburger. (sigh).

I'm growing garlic, jalapeno and 2 avocado trees (which will never produce anything, but they are a novelty).

Melissa said...

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~Melissa Delzio