Thursday, January 27, 2005

dog on chair

Originally uploaded by Brett Burmeister.
quiet day for walking and camera-ing. is that a word? so i worked and worked and sat and sat and then.... ate lunch- mmmm veggie chili i made. then i surfed the web a little (2 hrs) and then left for beers with jake. sound like a good movie doesn't is? office space? yes, that seems to mimic my life sometimes. so what should i write about since i didn't do my afternoon walk home - ......

Mississippi blvd has a brewery- Amnesia Brewing. Started last summer by a young couple who just wanted to brew beer and grill sausages. We began visiting because it was on the way home and they knew how to chose good micros. Now they have thier own and I can't say enough about how excellent the IPA is. They have it on tap at 6 other bars/restaurants in the hood and that is exciting. So, here's the story of the photo - this is the owners husky who hangs around. Christine, the owner, informed us that he taught himself to sit in the chair and has been doing it for a few months. What a cool dog.

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