Wednesday, January 26, 2005

nopo sunset

nopo sunset
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Walked home toda via NW, the Pearl, broadway bridge, N. Flint ave, vancouver, fremont, mississippi, skidmore and home. Nice walk. I had to do some shopping for bread, romaine and wine for dinner and then started walking throug the pearl. It began sprinkling, but I held out.
Many are against the Pearl, calling it gentrification, banal, yuppified etc. I love it. I love the warehouses converted to appartments, i love the modernity, I love the feeling of the city. There aren't any grocery stores, but plenty of boutiques and restaurants. Oh well. Like I said, I love it. I was a kid growing up in the country always wanting to be in the city, now I have that chance.
The walk took me through n. pdx up to fremont and then over to mississippi. i got offered "want to stay warm" just off mississippi and i declined. the fun of my hood.

More pictures from my walk:

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jennibee said...

Your photos are great. I lived on NW Everett for a year and soaked up every second of it. Enjoy the city and your walks:)