Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Two racoons having some fun.......

ha ha ha, we heard the high pitches screams, the cat calls, the rustling- i thought it was a cat fight, but no...... suddenly, not 15 feet away accross the street we see two cute racoons. After a bit more screaming and us walking, the two coons were headlighted by a car and we realized they were doing the nasty. now the screams make sense.

we did a nice walk today with the Mazamas of Portland. They put on a "ramble" every Tuesday and Thursday. A ramble is a walk in the evening around the streets of Portland. Our walk was a moderate one which began @ NW 19th and Kearny and progressed up through the west hills via Pittock Mansion to Hoyt Arboretum. We didn't make it that far. Being a daily walker of 10-12,000 steps, we felt we could handle the moderate walk. Once we began the hills up into Portland's west side, we realized we were a little over our heads. We kept up for about 1/2 hr, and then backed off and made our own way through the hills and NW Portland for the next 1 1/2 hr for a total of 10,000 steps and 2 hrs of walking. I'm proud of us. We didn't make their walk, we ended up making our own and saw some amazing homes and views of the city.

Thank you Grace for hooking us up with the Mazamas. We'll see you next Tuesday.

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