Wednesday, February 14, 2007

San diego Residence Inn

San diego
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some thoughts on hotels:

  • after they clean the room, why do they put the shower curtain on the outside of the shower? i never understood this. there are two curtains in order to keep the water inside the tub, yet when i get in in the morning, kinda groggy, it takes me a moment to realize i'm flooding the floor.
  • again with the tub - why do they leave the drain plugged after cleaning? once again, it takes me a few moments to realize the tub is not draining.
  • after cleaning, why do they reset the alarm clock and turn it on? for the past three days, i have had to turn off the alarm clock as i would rather wake up on my own.
  • there is a strange community at the hotel. not bad, but a little interesting. since this is a residence inn, people stay here for long periods of time. so, they have a pool, a basketball court, the rooms have kitchenettes etc. they also have a bar-b-que for guests. it is strange for me to see random guests throwing stuff on the barby. in the mornings is breakfast and the evenings, they offer "happy hour." normally, i'm not surprised by this offering of free beer and wine. it's nice. what surprised me here was the offering of spagetti and meatballs too. or taco salad night. or raviolli and dinner rolls or..... i could go on because the menu is on my fridge. seriously, monday through thursday, someone really wouldn't need to go out for food except for lunch. unless... they took a couple plates in the evening and put it in the fridge for the next day's lunch. and on thursdays, go back for 3 or 4 helpings to make it through the weekend. crazy i tell ya.
so far, my buddy matt has steered me right with restaurants. i have been to kensington grill and Red Fox inn and both were perfect. tonight should be Jimmy Carter's Mexican if I can get in on a V day.
good night all.


Anna said...

You are so cute.

brandy said...

The recipe I am going to share with you today is about 350 years old! A great favourite from the Cape where the first brandy from Cape grapes were distilled in 1672! We have come a very long way since then when it comes to the quality of our brandy, but still, Cape Brandy Pudding remains an old time favourite :) Growing up in South Africa is great fun with all the recipes your mother makes and teaches you during your younger years!

schlockstar said...

If you have time, check out Pacific Shores bar in Ocean Beach. Cool interior. Turf Club in Golden Hill- ya cook yr own steaks. Last time I was there [2002?] it was pretty crowded.

And, on your way to the airport, stop by El Indio on India Street [near the airport] and pick me up some fresh corn and flour tortillas! ;)