Tuesday, February 13, 2007

view from the rooooom

SanDiego Feb 2007 (17)
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i'm gonna type fast, so pardon the typos and "other." this is the view from my hotel parking lot. i'm in class until 5:00 or so, so I miss the opportunity to get sunset photos and such. i hope to get to the beach at least once to get such photos.
in the view, we see some hills that are actually not built up. further, there are these valleys that are just amazing. whomever is doing planning in this area is not just putting in track mcmansions, they are thinking about the greenspaces also.
the hotel is fine. as i stated, i think there is an elephant close by, but that's ok. my bedjumping is probably a bit disturbing to others as well. i'm close to the freeway, so in the evenings when i'm here reading email and such after class, military helicopters fly over from base to base. they are so low and loud, the room shakes a little. kinda crazy.
more later

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