Wednesday, February 08, 2006

187 feetsies hurt

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today, i was trying to fill in the gaps in my downtown walking excursion, so headed up towards PSU again. while up there, i eyed 12th avenue past I405 and saw something i wanted it investigate. it was a huge public staircase leading up into the hills. seriously, the road dead-ended into some staircases. well, actually, it became cardinell st which is where the landslide occured just before christmas that crushed those two cars. i saw that and it was crazy.
well, i knew it would kill me, but i had to count those steps.

these steps!

on the way up, to the left was a house about 5 stories tall, but most of that was an elevator, but probably an old one. to the right was a lot of empty space- what i mean is - some developable land. yes, it was available and there were plenty of signs selling it. i wouldn't be surprised if it is condos very soon.
once i got to the top of the stairs, i was on cardinell again. i guess that street wraps around. actually, i know this from google maps. yet at the time, i was stumped. i had only 1/2 hr left for lunch and was now on top of the world with regards to the city. do i go down? do i go up? i decided to say "fuck it" and go up, hoping it would eventually lead me back "down" and into the city. i had 30 minutes.
cardinell led up the hill further, past some amazing houses and views. i was stumped at how beautiful it was up there. i eventually hooked up with 16th ave and began the stroll down. 16th turned into hall and led me back down to 14th and PSU. pretty steep decent. i did cruise by an amazing house that i wanted to call a mansion, but it was just too new and mansion smacks of old. wow, the views were amazing.
in the end, i didn't get the steps i thought i would get, but i did get some amazing pictures.

downtown and nw

i was looking for this house:

trying too find this house

just think, tomorrow (or if you are reading this today - today)................its thursday and you can eat cheeze....

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Rigo said...

I am sad that you and Anna wont be there when I come up. But be warned, I will move up there soon, very soon.