Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i wonder if anyone was taking my picture

fed bldg
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i walked a ton today. such a beautiful day, you couldn't just stay inside. take advantage while the rain is away in mexico drinking margeritas. i ventured up by PSU and stumbled upon a movie shoot for a movie named "The Music Within." not sure about who's really in it, but we had seen them shooting up off 23rd over the weekend. i think it's set in the 70's as all the actors were all decked out in 70's college student clothing.
i then ventured west of PSU, came upon a big RAT in front of the Old Church and then ventured toward burnside. yes, i was all over downtown. as i passed by the federal reserve in the picture, i thought about all these people who take pictures of certain buildings and are then asked to leave because local security guards think they are terrorists or something. well, i was thinking - walk by this building and take photos and see what happens. if i don't post in more than 3 days, call my parents- i may be in cuba "on vacation."

i'm surprised vic didn't kill anyone today and jack only killed 2 yesterday.

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mindlessgirl said...

i C O V E T your sunshine...we have a small bit peeking out but it is also only 15 degrees, so it doesn't count...

as for vic...last night's show was awesome...christ, forrest is amazing!!! i hate when it ends...i get that sinking feeling when i see that there is only 5 minutes left