Sunday, February 12, 2006

A beautiful walk! OMG, what a beautiful day

madrona tree
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i didn't think we could top yesterday, but the weather today was perfect. almost 60 deg. it felt like a tropical heat wave. i was antsy this morning, so went out to do some pruning of the rose in the back and then proceeded to cut down a dying redwood. wow, that was a chore. i had to use a hodag to cut the roots and pull the stump out. this isn't a big tree, only a few years old, but it hasn't been doing well the past few years and we were concerned about it. i was sad as i had planted it when it was a seedling.
on to other items- we were thinking of food and walking when suddenly we had a great idea to take the doggies for a walk up to lelo and adri's place to play with Wink. they were up for it, so off we went on this gorgeous day, walking along the bluff where we got to eye this wonderful Madrona Tree. I seem to remember there was a concert venue (or abandoned warehouse) down by where widmer is now called - Madrona Hill Winery.
well, 4 and 1/2 miles later, we finally arrived to play with Wink and lelo and Adri. boy, Wink is cute. our frodo had some marking challenges and phoebe was a bit too possesive to play. in the end, i think everyone had fun. next time we'll host Wink.
so, sunday is here and i'm having that feeling - did i get my homework done? arg. i think this week will go well. i'm willing it too. good night.

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Superinkygirl said...

I hear you. Sunday nights suck. A lot. But I love love love you Mr. Husband. Love you muchly. Word.