Saturday, February 11, 2006

today started pretty early. we were at a great show at the doug fir seeing Dead Meadow, a true rock band that just ripped it up. i love the doug fir, especially with east side relief and $1 high life. we then came home, a little drunk from the beer and awake from the coffee earlier in the evening and watched some tv. eddie izzard was on craig kilborn.
this morning, i awoke for the doggies and had some breakfast. a stunning morning with an amazing sunrise and wow, it was actually kinda warm. i was restless, so decided to fill up the truck one last time with the scrap wood i had on the side of the house. yes, i'm a packrat and was "saving" some of this rotton wood for "future" projects. oh well. i proceeded to do some serious purging, filling up the truck with all the junk. and off to the dump i went.
afternoon brought lunch and what better for us all than a great walk. we were going to head to our old favorite - laughing planet, but decided to try something new - lompoc over on williams. at the lompoc we picked up a deck of cards and well, that was it. after some excellent food and a few beers and a few hours, we decided to wander back home. we both one a hand of WAR too. it was so nice outside, we couldn't stop walking, so after we got home, we decided to head to the store. i was in the mood for a cigar, so i grabbed one of my best, aquired from a charity a few months back. it was a Maximus- i believe from Arturo Fuentes. trust me, a nice cigar. and let me tell you this - it rocked my world.
so, picture this - me an my love walking up interstate, both with headphones on listening to the same ipod and same music (all on shuffle.) we had a blast.
on the way back, i even dropped the bread and we had to backtrack to find it. oh well, it was worth it.
i'm chillin now, awaiting the crab we're going to have for dinner. i'm sooooo excited.

soooooo excited...................

tomorrow brings hopefully some more walking and some great weather. nighty night!

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Superinkygirl said...

I love you so much baby.