Wednesday, February 15, 2006

memed - the 4

got memed, so here we go:

4 jobs:
mcdonalds: as a teenager i worked at the rockwood mickey dees for over a year. good job, but boy was it nasty. i did get to play for the softball team.
mailroom coordinator: my first "corporate job." i thought it was a step toward bigger and better things- little did i know it would lead me to IT. hmmm.
library assistant in college: worked a summer re-cataloging books for the school library. boring boring boring boring boring, except for every evening partying with the other summer workers.
research assistant: worked for one of my professors cataloging and transcribing original civil war letters from an infantryman. they were later published in a book and i was highlighted in the preface. woo hoo.

4 movies:
fight club: "you are not your khakis"
die hard: "yippy kay ey mother fucker"
kelly's heros: "we have paint in the shells man, when you hit something you get great colors."
dirty dozen: i just love this movie

4 places i have lived
Portland: all my life
McMinnville: 4 years for college
Vienna: 6 months during college - i loved the beer
Armenia: during my time with the Peace Corp, I lived in Yerevan and Kirovakan(Vanadzor)

4 tv shows:
24: nuff said - jack bauer is a studd
oc: candy
deadwood: i love ian mcshane and i love how raw everything is.
the shield: michael chickless is amazing as the bad cop you have to love

4 vacation spots
montreal: i loved walking the city and the music on every corner. i loved how cosmopolitan it was.
kauai: where i knew i would marry my love. where i married my love.
monaco/monte carlo: both as a young teenager and then as a young adult - amazing how much money there is in one place. also, somehow i was able to convince a German couple i was Austrian.
jerome az: an old mining town north of Phoenix. it was just plain cool and fun

4 fav dishes
higgin's burger: the best in the city in my opinion.
anything from gino's - grandma jean's pasta dish is to die for and they make everything there as if you were at home.
mississippi pizza slice of pizza: nothing in town better
any sort of hotdog/sausage: good dog bad dog, amnesia brewing, newmans

4 sites daily
cnn: news- plain and simple
boingboing: fun and new. changes regularly
trainster: where we track our steps.
flickr: a wonderful resource to ogle photos

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