Tuesday, December 27, 2005

first there was blogging and then moblogging - what's next

i've been thinking of all the different types of blogging there could be in this modern times. help me out here with your suggestions:

blogging - generic diary type blogging
moblogging - usually from a cell phone or mobile device - new for some
drunk blogging - as coined by rigo

now for some new ideas:
shop-blogging - blogging while shopping - i.e. take photos of people buying stuff or photos of people taking photos of people buying stuff
auto-blogging - taking photos from the car (usually blurry) - FUH2 for example - some may just call it rubber-necking.....
comment-blogging - 2 thought - A) blogging only about other people's comments or B) only blogging IN other people's comments (your comment would have nothing to do with their post for example.)
"take a trip"-blogging - blogging from afar when on that life changing journey and you wander upon an internet cafe in the forests of borneo or something....
"in your underwear" or couch-blogging - what i'm doing today...sitting on the couch blogging
cook-blogging - blogging with hands covered in flour and breadcrumbs, telling everyone what you're cooking..

what are your ideas....

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