Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Poor bear...poor bear

Poor bear...poor bear
Originally uploaded by dieselboi.
I wanted to pick you up and bring you home, wash you, dry you and let the little ones play with you, but you are in front of a mess of a house and i wonder what is all in your fur. Then again, maybe i should rescue you. Maybe you are ready for a warm house eventhough it will require some time with little chiuahuas fighting for your attention. I'm coming mr bear, i'm coming to rescue you.

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Superinkygirl said...

Ahhhh. How sweet. Though I insist we sterilize this thing extensively.

geeekgirl said...

Are you really going to save it? That is the sweetest thing I have heard all day.

pero said...

Seeing the bear reminds me of the commercial (for whichever minivan it is); in which the woman washes the van with a bear (after opening the new package), then runs it over and pulls out its eye.

She then stashes it in the compartment under the seat in the back of the van and her kid, seeing the bear thinks it is the lost favorite toy.