Sunday, December 04, 2005

FUH2 madness

H2 madness
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on the way home from SE last night and ran into not 1, but 2 stretch H2s. the first one on I5 north heading to lloyd area for some mcdonals. yes, we followed them like paparazzi and took these amazing photos. the whole time i thought the cops would come and snatch me and A.

H2 madness

2nd one, while driving:
H2 madness

some have asked, why do i hate H2's so much and not other big rigs. well, the H2 has no funtional purpose in life. The H1, or "original hummer" actually had functional purpose, that's why it started out in the military. the H2 is just a re-badged chevy pickup that can go 4x4. it is a gas hog and just ugly. oh, and it's a status symbol for some which really irks me. yes, i don't think people should be commuting in full size F350 pickups either, but at least the F350 pickup has a functional purpose.


MaTTy said...

LoL... I can agree with you on that one! They really don't have a purpose. I think they are just a waste of space if you ask me. I enjoy reading your blog. The pictures and the whole "Walking Portland" thing is cool. I love to bike and I think I may do a "biking Portland" thing and take pics of all the bike get togethers I do. I know, not as cool.. but it could be!! lol

Anonymous said...

You guys make me giggle. Nice work!

MerchMikey said...

"Now for something we hope you'll really like"

Hey let's jack that Limo and take it "4 byin" and chase cheesy clubgoers at the meatmarkets in the burbs.

Luke Phillips said...

If flipping off cars you cannot afford or afford to maintain makes you feel comfortable about your puny salary, go for it!

You tards crack me up.