Sunday, December 11, 2005

i want to start a meme

so, i was thinking last night. i want to start a meme and see if it can spread accross the internet. so, here it goes:

Top 5 live music concerts you went to during the 4 years you were in High School.

1. Depeche Mode and OMD at Civic Auditorium supporting Music For the Masses album. I stayed up all night to get tickets at Greshem GI Joes and ended up with last row tickets. On the way home, crushed, I realized they had to do a second show and by the time I had returned, the second show had just gone on sale and I was able to get 2nd row tickets.
2. Sting at the Memorial Coliseum for the ..Nothing like the sun. Amazing show! I ended up seeing Sting 4 times in the next 2 years.
3. Mayor's Ball, April 1988 - saw The Dan Reed Network and the Crazy Eights.
4. David Bowie and Duran Duran - The Glass Spider Tour, August 1987 at Civic Stadium. wow, what an amazing show. it wasn't a concert, but a spectacle. we were in the 9th row too.
5. Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith - numerous times during my high school years and numerous venues, including the Memorial Coliseum.

so, i'm sending this out to my homeys: superinkygrrl, lelo, rigo, tinymeat, matt and nedra.

spread it around too, i'm interested to see the first blogger to post they went to the beattles or elvis in high school.



MerchNotahomieMikey said...

Hey thanks, guess I'm not a homie.

Kismet said...

I saw 3 Dog Night in high school and then again after they got old in Vegas (for free!). They did not age well :)
Also saw REO Speedwagon, Bachman Turner Overdrive,and Styxx.

I'm boring, I know.


Ming said...

High school is just a blurry memory...
I know I saw the Violent Femmes at the Starry Night. I think I saw Gene Loves Jezebel, or that could just be a City Nightclub flashback. Saw Danzig at the Melody Ballroom; I think Tool was the opening act. (Freakin' Danzig! My friends could talk me into anything!)I was supposed to see Faith No More, but they rescheduled to the night of my high school graduation. My mom wouldn't let me go. My sister got to see DM during the Violator tour. Beeyotch. Let's see...does Sweaty Nipples count? Again, my friends could talk me into anything.

LeLo in NoPo said...

I played!

kevin and/or darren said...

I was at the Glass Spider Tour but not in the 8th row (lucky folks). I remember the show had to end earlier than most because of the noise rules in place. We got there half way through Duran Duran. Bowie always did a great show. I've seen Bowie twice in my life. My first concert ever was Jethro Tull in 1975 Hampton Roads Coliseum Virginia.

My first concert in Portland: Ian Hunter (former Mott the Hoople Leader) and Nick Gilder ["Hot Child in the City" one hit wonder) at the Schnitz 1980 or so...], then it was DEVO at the Schnitz (1981)? I saw Culture Club in Portland the day that "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" hit number one on billboard.

Good memories.

that girl said...

I'm not a homie either... but I did post your meme here.

Maybe I'm a homie by proxy?