Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Mmmmm Puttanesca

Mmmmm Puttanesca
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Walked over here to Lorenzos on N. Mississippi to pick up dinner. I called it in around 7:00 and arrived to discover they didn't have my order. Did you know there's another Lorenzos in town and they have Puttanesa and a Caeser salad waiting for me. I feel so bad. I am really going to need to do something good for the world to make up for this.

Walking here was crisp. It is another cool evening and since there is moisture in the air, the sidewalk was actually a bit slippy.

check out Lorenzos on N Mississippi when you can.

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Nancy said...

I drove by the other "lorenzos" the other day.. wish I could remember where I was, but I do remember thinking... WOW I didn't know Lorenzo had two locations.