Saturday, December 10, 2005


well, tubbs and sonny are together and working like a well oiled machine. and yes, phil collins has already made his cameo along with melanie griffith as a madam.

remember that cool hotel with the garden in the middle

i love miami. i love crocket. i love his alligator

now off to a show.


jonashpdx said...

ha! i caught the very end of the bruce willis ep last night with the freeze-frame of sonny yelling "No!!!" and then had to watch the beginning of the next one (with phil collins) just for the theme music while my wife rolled her eyes beside me on the couch. but miami vice WAS friday nights for me back in the day.

jonashpdx said...

oh, and check this out:
travesty or tribute, you decide.

superinkygirl said...

God yes - Friday Nights were totally Miami Vice. Then, for all you Old Schoolers out there - remember Friday Night Videos... didn't they start at 11:30pm, or was it midnight? All & all a great night of television.

I watched the entire Bruce Willis episode while bretty snored on the chair next to me by the way. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. And also caught the first few minutes of the Phil Collins ep. What was it with Phil and Miami Vice? It was a strange love affair I'm still not sure I understand.