Wednesday, September 14, 2005


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Been walking a ton lately. I think i walked home every day for a whole 2 weeks. Egggcellent! On my walks, i pine for an ipod to entertain me, but then tell myself that the walks are healthy mentally because they allow me to process things from the day before i get home and whine.

i notice things too. Abandoned clothes. Grafitti. Interesting characters etc. Things you don't notice when in a car or bus. Lately, i have been seeing convergence more and more. When i say convergence, i mean the following:

you, walking down the sidewalk. Person A walking toward you. Off in the distance you see a bike coming. You all converge at the same spot and someone has to give.

I see this all the time while walking the waterfront or the esplanade. Most of the time, there is no drama, but yesterday, there were a couple of instances where i had to move out of someone's way because of convergence, so i began to say the word whenever i saw it. I was surprised to discover i was saying it rather often.

Convergence people!

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the serrach said...

this happens to me a lot too, mainly while cycling and mtn biking. i often wonder what the odds are of that sort of thing, especially when 3 or more individuals are involved.

when mtn biking, it often happens that when people are stopped on the side of the trail, two cyclists converge on the at the exact same moment.

boggles the mind.

feralcow said...

what really sucks is when people fail to move out of the way, act all ignorant of the convergence... just be polite!