Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Up close and personal

Up close and personal
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Mikey, i didn't get as close as you, but i did get the money shot. I also think the driver saw me, but didn't want to confront.

little me, walking home.

Oh, and i got my kilt today. In fact, i've worn it all night.

Sent from my phone, probably while hiding from the man.


MerchMikey said...

All right bitches i'm back from the land of "How many more f$#%in iPod cases do I have to make"?
Here's a thought.
Go to the dealer (in the kilt) and have the salesman stand next to the car, err p.o.s. and tell him you want to send your wife a pic so she can see. At the last second just before you snap the pic, throw the salute and if the sales man asks WTF?, tell him to watch his mouth and that you were just testing your cameras focal length.
Go now.

the serrach said...

is that a cigar? can we set up a picture of me flipping the bird to your cigar while you flip the bird to the hummer?

that'd be sweet.

Anonymous said...

so, el serracho doesn't like cigars? i'm confused. that's like posting a comment stating "can i flip off the hotel in the backgroud while you flip off the hummer?