Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Thank you Cari

Thank you Cari
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You are wondering what this is. I know it. Well, on labor day, we walked our little tushes off going to not 1, but 2 bar-b-ques in NE and N portland. this interesting pond is at our new friend Cari and housemate's house. We met Cari via tinymeat and went over to her little shindig early in the day. And yes, we walked. We met some great people and it was amazing to do that. I am rarely introduced to new people who i can actually relate with. Cari does handbags and is independant. That's cool. She's also a scooter gal. Way to go.

Bar-b-que number 2 was at our friends josh and jens place. we had to come back home to drop little phoebe off and regroup for the next walk. On the way up interstate, we stopped at our new favorite store- New Seasons- to pick up some wine and goodies. Our friends live about 2 or 3 miles up interstate, so our walk worked off the beer from earlier. The que was great. I was pretty full, but still munched on pickles and such. They have a great sense of style with danish modern and 50's retro. A great mix. We met even more new people who were cool and layed back and .............well cool.

The walk home was interesting. Monday night around 8:45 and walking the length of N Interstate. There were a few colorful characters, some suspected drug dealers, a yelling man, some kids causing mischief, and i think 4 or 5 cop cars- all going after something. One cop even slowed down to eyeball us. Bring it on! I was saying.

In the end? A great day. Something like 29,800 steps. That's about 10 miles or so walking.

i want to do more!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there a katrina theme song yet?

more photos:
Labor day

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Anonymous said...

Oh man. That's our "Pool".

FYI, it's now got a really great filter in it, and we've cleaned it!

So glad you 2 and Phoebe came over!!!!