Wednesday, September 28, 2005

walk walk walk

couple of items for any walkers out there. this coming weekend, there are two events i want to pimp. both of them are on Sunday, so you have to choose.

Astoria Bridge walk: in today's willy week, there was a highlight article on an opportunity to walk accross the 10k Astoria bridge over the mouth of the Columbia river. Wow, what an opportunity. if you have never had the chance to walk over a great bridge - i.e. Fremont, Golden Gate etc., do this one. The Astoria Bridge is amazing and long and the views will be just precious. Meet at the Red Lion In in Astoria - 400 Industry St. - 1 800 875 6807. For more info - 503 325 6311.

For the Love of Dove Run/Walk - in NW Portland, this Run/Walk of 2 miles will be another fun event to support our favorite animal hospital - Dove Lewis.

take care and please be thinking of our family thursday evening. we love you Two Dot.

and yes, it's hard for me to write the above sentence.


superinkygirl said...

I love you Two Dot.

I love you, too, b

Matt Royale Howl said...

Nancy and I for sure are thinking about you guys and little Two Dot. If there's anything we can do, please please let us know.

pero said...

woo. 2 miles is like cake. :)

Thanks for getting the word out.