Monday, September 05, 2005

a little overwhelmed

as i was shopping for some bar-b-que items on saturday and thinking - "boy, that's kinda expensive," i couldn't help but chide myself because everyone down in NOLA has nothing and i'm whining about a $9 bottle of wine.
boy, what a horrific tragedy. i'm a news junkie, so cnn, msnbc and foxnews has been on 24/7 in the house. also, i've been following bbc online to get a different perspective. hearing about roaming gangs, cops shooting innocent people, rapes, and murder, looting seems a minor issue. the talking heads are already pointing fingers and that's ok. it wasn't ok on tuesday when nothing was happening cocksucker Jerry Falwell!

is the response a reflection of race/class/prosperity in our nation? by far i think it is, but let me throw out a different perspective. when 9/11, or the first gulf war, or princess diana's death or the second gulf war occured, network news - ABC/NBC/CBS - all had continuing coverage on their perspective primary stations. i watch an embarrassing amount of tv and most of it is on network channels, but i didn't know the scope of the hurricane until i flicked over to live coverage on cnn on tuesday. where was the break in? where was the continuing coverage people? the only break-in i have seen all wee was when renquist died. what does that say about how much the powers that be care?

second perspective - friday morning, when we're getting photos finally of the trucks bringing supplies, i think Andre Agassi was winning his match at the US Open. also, college football teams were preparing for the opening weekend. nascar was gassing up. after 9/11, everything stopped - some because there were not planes flying, but otheres stopped out of respect for the destruction. where is the respect here?

lastly, i posted earlier about my friend john in NOLA. i heard from another friend that john and a few friends did ride out the storm, but decided to flee on early wednesday morning because the amount of gunfire was getting too close. roaming gangs were breaking into anything. they fled west to Houston and i haven't heard an update. at least they are safe. another couple we met in fla a year ago did evactuate on Sunday and are north of NOLA and actually had a baby on tuesday.

gonna walk my pizza off today.

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Anonymous said...

"if a white people is looking for food-they are foraging, if it's a black person, it's looting"