Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Someone's HOLY BIBLE

Someone's HOLY BIBLE
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I live in north portland. I jokingly refer to it as the "hood." on my walk the other day from a bbq, i eyed this "book." the holy bible people! Left for dead without a cover and worn on a street corner off n interstate.

i wonder what the story is about this specific book. Was it thrown out of a window by tweaker? Was it dropped by a child? was it left by someone who thinks that by going to church will redeem them, but the "book" doesn't really matter?

I'm not anti christian. I was raised lutheran and still instill many of the morals and values i learned in sunday school. I am confirmed and babtized and to be honest, if i had kids, would probably take them to church and send them to catholic school. My challenge is with the right wing exploitation of christianity for their beliefs, not mine.

Another challenge i have in NOPO is the state of some of the churches. There are many churches on NOPO, but some of them are in serious disrepair. We see them packed on sunday with parishoners, but during the week and on saturday, the buildings appear to atrophy. Simple things like mowing and weeding and cleaning out the gutters are ignored. After time this neglect begins to take its toll, not only on the building, but on the neighborhood too. If you love God and you love your church, why don't you do even the basic maintenence to keep it up?

just little old me ranting.

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The Cucumber said...

Dude, the church on Skidmore near Mississippi (Missouri?) is in fantastic condition, meticulously landscaped and mowed frequently. COME ON HATER. COME ON. What are you saying? Be careful where you're going brother. I don't like the sounds of it.

sinisterhaley said...

At first sight of this bible, I assumed someone from Kansas fled their native land and found themselves in the NW believing that they no longer needed the creationist word but instead started exploring the evolutionist idea.

doer said...

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