Friday, November 04, 2005

Darn weather

Darn weather
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Well, i was a sad sack last night when i got home. Our 2yr old eucalyptis (sp) became a victim of the wind. The top half of the tree was snapped off. I haven't surveyed the damage fully, so i don't know if my recovering bamboo was affected or not. I do however think the tree is a loss.

My liquid diet got a boost on monday when i was allowed to begin eating soft foods. I've been using my toungue only to mush up pasta since then. the rule is- no chewing. Eating everything through a straw is taxing on the body. I've dropped around 15lbs and none of my clothes fit anymore. I guess thats a good thing.

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Tree Vibes said...

Well baby, I am not without hope. The tree is actually about 5 years old (maybe 4) and still has a lot of viable life in it - I think we shouldn't just give up entirely on the poor thing. He's served us well over the years, and to just yank him up and throw him away feels wrong. Let's clean up the damage and then survey the scene.