Monday, November 14, 2005

Night factory - Nov 14 walk

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i love walking at this time of the year. there isn't much light, so everything has a different color and patina. earlier in the evening, the bare bones of the christmas tree in pio square was up and with the background of the newly remodeled courthouse it was just stunning.
walking through the pearl, the best part was jamison square. it was dark, very dark, but there were still people out there walking about and there was just enough light to see shadows.
the moon was out - full people full! i looked up once and saw an amazing reflection against the us bank tower.
the image to the right is from the broadway bridge. i blogged earlier about that and tonight i wasn't dissapointed. i love seeing this plant at night because the lights outline the whole structure.
i enjoy walking lately because there is a direct correlation between my walking and how much energy i have. i feel better, i feel healthier, i sleep better. need to keep walking.
today - 12,600 steps. i had to take the short route home.

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