Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nov 8 walk

Nov 8
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so, i thought i would get some work done on my teeth today, but alas, all i got was some rubber bands. it's kinda wierd knowing i have to now change my rubbers daily.....
so, my ortho is in ne pdx, so i decided to walk home from there. i wanted to walk up 15th or 7th to go through a neighborhood, but i also wanted to see what was becoming a new restaurant/bar on ne MLK by billy reeds. i chose to head over to MLK and up the street. it was around 5, so the traffic was busy and there were a ton of trucks. as i walked by Tinys, a coffee shop just north of broadway, there is a new business called Fetch. I can only imagine it's doggy friendly.
as i proceeded north, i came upon "the neighborhood dive" as it's called, or Tavern. i love it because it's unique. i looked and i looked for the new restaurant/bar accross from billy reeds, but there was no indication of a new place. i guess i'll have to check back later this month.
mlk is an interesting walk. one block, there are vibrant businesses that support the community and are patronized by the community. next block, it's abandoned buildings or just plain vacant lots. the further you go north, the more empty it becomes. up by fremont, there's a new construction project that has gone on longer than what is normal, implying that there either is challenges with occupancy or funding. the mid-k plaza's construction is going slower than my master bedroom project.
at the corner of mlk and fremont, they bulldozed a building 2 years ago and haven't done anything since. it's too bad, because further up the street, they are refurbing the old Weimer Building which is a great use of existing structures.
i went as far as failing and then turned west. failing is a great street to walk down, yet there were a few too many dealers just off mlk. further down failing, around williams is PIX which is my new favorite desert locale. i was hoping to see progress on the Lompoq bar, but alas, nothing appear. it was at this point that i began to realize the beautiful colors of the early sunny evening. with the sun going down, the light was changing before my eyes.
to the southeast, the quarter moon high in the sky. to the southwest, lower in the sky, there was a bright star apparant eventhough it wasn't yet dusk. i can only imagine the star is a planet or something. anyone have ideas?
finished the walk up mississippi and then met my love at the crow bar for cocktails. the rest of the evening has been a blast. more on that later....


Artemis said...

That amazingly bright star is actually Mars...visible all month. Last night's sunset was particularly gorgeous--glad to know someone else noticed it too.

M said...

You can actually see the red colour of Mars too. It's so bright...