Wednesday, November 16, 2005

made in oregon

made in oregon bw
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yes, i was made in oregon too. just ask my parents.

today was a strange day. beautiful and all, i just kept feeling like it was thursday instead of wednesday. wierd. but that's not all......

nanowrimo is wreaking havoc in my life. i should have 26000 words by today and i have 20,000. i know, 20,00 isn't bad, but i'm not keeping up with the joneses people.

we've done a brisk side business purging all of our crap. i sold the bmw on saturday and have proceeded to sell other miscelleneous items like our truck box, a window sill, a brake lamp etc. i want to sell the truck next, but am awaiting a replacement title before i could sellit. i have soo much more to sell, it's crazy. anyone want a good deal on an XBOX?
tonight's walk was excellent.

let me rephrase that - it was amazing!
i love walking the waterfront because it allows me to see both sides of the city. once accross the river, i can always look back to downtown. i wandered through the rose quarter where young men were shilling tickets for the blazers/chicago game. honestly, there were few takers.
when wandering between the rose garden and the colliseum, i could only think of where the PDC planned on putting the Saturday Market. such fools.
i walked up n. vancouver with little excitement until i passed the red cross building up by fremont. a young guy was walking towards me, away from n. fremont asking where n. fremont was. understandably, he was looking at the signs for the fremont bridge.
i pointed him in the right direction and we began walking toward n. fremont and the next question was - "where's mississippi?" i had to help the guy, so i just asked him to follow me.
we began talking and i discovered he was the bass player for Juliette and the Licks, a band playing tonight at the Wonder Ballroom. soooo exciting. he was heading to Mississippi Vinyl up off n. shaver, so we were heading in the same direction. we walked together down fremont and then mississippi and had a great conversation. Jason, the bass player was a nice guy and great conversationalist. i guided him to his destination and then headed home. needless to say, i was hoping he would offer backstage passes or guest list or something for me and A, but alas, no luck. oh well, i revel in the thought that i introduced him to a different kind of Portland and the next time he comes, maybe he'll chill in my neighborhood.
i was giddy the rest of the way home....
made in oregon color


Matt Royale Howl said...

Very cool! I really like Juliette and the Licks. That's so serendipitous, too. And though I feel a little cheated on (I thought I was your hoo), you know I'll give you & A free tix...

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That's so cool! I love it when you meet really interesting people at random.

jodie said...

Keep up with the NaNo! You've gotten this far!