Friday, November 25, 2005

i'm warning you now!

be careful tomorrow. i know of about 7o+ people of all ages and sizes who will be partying and making sausage in SE portland. yes, the point of the previous sentance was to shock you - SAUSAGE!

saturday is the 36th or so annual Sausage Making party at my family home. the core group of friends and family are always in attendance. such a wonderful group of people.

AND WE HAND MAKE SAUSAGE! can i be more blunt!

i'll be blogging from the scene of the crime tomorrow, so check back. i'll have photos of the 12lbs of raw pork and beef. i'll have photos of pushing said mixture through casings (cleaned pig intestines) to make sausage. i'll have photos of grown people acting out parts of the 12 days of Christmas...

i won't have pictures of anyone naked if that's what you into. sorry.

unless i have too much vodka or beer....................

also, go Linfield!

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