Tuesday, November 01, 2005

new car and writing

gotcha. i'm keeping you all in limbo about the new car. yes we got one, but i'm not going to reveal it till tomorrow when i can moblog it.

i'm taking the leap today and joining the National Novel Writing Month challenge which means i need to write something every day for the rest of the month. they are asking for 50,000 words. as superinky put it, that's 1600+ words a day. wow, that's a challenge.

i'm taking the chuck palniuck approach. i listened to him read once and someone asked - how do you write? he responded that he writes short stories and then after awhile, he figures out he has a full book put together. that's how fight club and survivor and a few others came together. this way, he said, there isn't the pressure, wether internal or external, to come up with a huge project. it's all baby steps.

wish me luck. wish all the other nanowrimo writers well too.

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i am a novel writer said...

you should see the shite I've written so far. no. wait. you should not see the shite i've written because it's so awful. but damn it. i'm writing a novel.