Sunday, November 20, 2005

grrrr. my neighbors sometimes make me batty

scene: quiet sunday evening, sitting at home with the dogs, watching Snow Wonder on KOIN.

scene: loud dirt bike riding down the street doing laps of the block. grrrrr.

i let them go around twice before i grabbed the big flashlight and the cell to go out and ask them to stop.....well, just as i got outside, the guy was turning around in front of my house and i was able to flash him with the flashlight. i followed him down the street to the apartment complex and found him on his bike in his driveway. i confronted him about his bike and at first he snapped back, but when i threatened to call the police because of the illegal bike, he paused and said it wouldn't happen again.

10:45 at night.

i am still just so pissed off that i have to do this. i guess this is what i have to deal with to live in the city. one outweighs the other.


Matt Royale Howl said...

You're the fucking man. I hate when "adults" completely disregard societal decency and put the burden on you to deal with their misbehavior.

Well done.

Shane said...

It's not just limited to the city. I live in a town of 300 people. I frequently get awoken by idots playing basketball across the street at 2am or cars doing donuts. The cops wont come out because we're too far out. I have found that just holding the phone and looking like I am talking while holding the flashlight spawns a pretty quick exit ..