Thursday, June 09, 2005


so, i was having an enjoyable walk - seeing the fun center, being told i can't walk this way or that by security (men with machine guns.) then i proceeded up over the steel bridge thinking it would be nice to see the ships from that vantage point. well, there were an additional 6 coppers up there, so i mosied up gingerly only to find out it was totally ok to cross the bridge. about 1/2 way accross, i was almost run over by some walrus on a bike (out for his yearly ride). i jumped out of the way just in time. i then began thinking - "wait a minute. in february, i had a similar experience and checked - Bikes are supposed to be on the roadway." As i crossed the bridge, i began looking at the signs in reverse and boom, there it was - "Bikes on bridge roadway!" now, walrus man wasn't the only bike who pushed me out of the way. a couple of bike messengers and bike nazis also were there. even though they were polite, it is wrong. there really isn't enough room on that walkway for both people and bikes. argh.

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