Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Foreign Garbage!

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in portland, we're celebrating Rose Festival. currently, i'm pretty down on the whole week of festivities and have been for many a year. not sure why i hate the rose festival so much, but i do. is it the tourists? the carnival? the crazy parade? i don't know. today, i chose to take it all in and head down to the waterfront and see what the carnies had to offer. the only people rivaling the carnies for attention were the armed forces recruiters.

so, what exactly is foreign garbage? is it garbage that needs to be exported? maybe canadian navy ships are coming to town.

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Ming said...

I've lived in this lovely town for my entire life, and I cannot stand Rose Festival! The only part that I can tolerate is the Princess/Queen thing...and only because I'm a big girl who wants to believe that anyone can be a princess. I really dislike the scum center on the waterfront. It's a blight. I love that the weather is usually terrible for the Rose Festival. It's like Mother Nature is trying to cleanse us of the filth. Die, Rose Festival, Die!
Oh, a word to the wise: I used to work with juvenile delinquents and they loved the Rose Festival scum center. Beware! Roving bands of thugs and morons reside within.