Thursday, June 09, 2005

music on mississippi

playing music
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after a nice excellent flavorfully spicy dinner at Thai Monsoon, a and i wandered down mississippi to visit with michael and the comic book store. little did we know how big this 2nd thursday music walk would be. beginning around shaver, there was music and vendors almost everywhere. people were about also, enjoying and listening and taking it all in. just n. of pistals on a street corner, two guys were on drums and a keyboard playing their hearts out.

music music music

we then moved south and saw some vendors and listened to music from pistells, lorenzos and finally the mississippi commons (above.) i was giddy with excitement, not because of the music, but because of the positive vibes coming from everyone around.


the grand opening party @ bridge city comics was great. it was pretty crowded and we understand when we were there, it was a light crowd. well done sir (and you know who you are.

also, the ladies @ Salty dog - great to meet you Nancy and always good to talk with you Paula. we'll be back with the pups.

i am sooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to mississippi in the summer months. it's gonna get crazy!


Nancy said...

Hey Brett,

check out this web page.

Calming signals are big in helping dogs not be agressive. this might help whats going on with your dogs. I have turid's book and it's great..

The ever helpfull,

Ming said...

Thai Monsoon has a sister restaurant on about 42nd & SE Woodstock, called Tom Yum. My husband and I are big fans of Tom Yum. When we went to Thai Monsoon, we noticed the similarity of the menus. So, we asked. Yep, they are owned by siblings. I think their salad rolls are wonderful, and the mussaman curry divine.

MerchPimpMikey said...

Hook me with up with the cutie in the green shirt.
Is this the place where I should look to relocate the TinyHQ?

musicseeker said...

Can anyone tell me who that drummer/keyboardist duo are and how I can get ahold of them? I'd like to ask them if they'd like to play at my honey's b-day party.