Thursday, June 09, 2005

Cliff Hanger

Cliff Hanger
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carnie goodness. so, i'll be posting some pics today of my adventure at the carnival yesterday. some are good and some are just plain scary.

wanted to tell you about my new adventure. a freind from work brought me a large bag of dog food samples - small bags of dog food. my thouht was to throw a few sample bags in my bag before heading home and if i see a homeless dog (and there are many) i would pass out some dog food. well, yesterday, @ n. mississippi and interstate, i came accross said group. a couple with two dogs who i have seen numerous times in the area. i asked the lady if she wanted some food for the dogs and she was overwhelmed that i had it. i'm a smilin' kid today. more dog food to come portland.

if you work in a petstore or have access to sample packs, drop me an email so I can keep my supply alive.

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Anonymous said...

One could call you an anti-carnie-ite. The word "Carnie" is derogatory.