Wednesday, June 22, 2005

speaking of bikes

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did you hear the one about the....

actually, had a good day of walking today. as stated, did a pretty good walk up to the brewery blocks and then back to work before the storm. it was excellent. i tried to get some pictures of me and that cool interactive sculpture accross from powells, but alas, the camera phone wasn't playing nice. good news - no one tried to run us over and stopped for crosswalks. weeee.
after work, i really needed some fresh air, so decided to walk at least some of the way home. my walk took me down the bus mall where i was able to hand out some dog food - segway segway segway - yesterday, we went down to Salty's Dog Shoppe on n. mississippi and picked up the largest burlap bag of sample dog food packages for my mission - end segway.
when i walk up to the homeless and give them dog food for their pups, i do get a strange look or vibe from them initially. it usually turns into a grin and a thankyou once they figure out what i'm going with. i hope i'm helping in some small way. more dog food tomorrow!
after the dog food, i hit my fav store - Rich's cigars - to pick up a cigar for the walk home and for later. as i strolled over through the park blocks and then up to pearl bakery, i truly enjoyed the air and the smells of the n. park blocks. it was so quiet also.
as i strolled down flanders toward the river, i came accross some interesting items. first was the quiet. begin in old town, i half expected a little more activity, but no, the street was pretty empty. before i crossed broadway, i came upon an older mini van and my eyes were drawn to movement. lo and behold, there was a young woman changing clothes inside. hmmm. interesting! i moved on making up intriquing stories about what that was all about when i came upon a building where the above bike was mounted on. pretty cool sculpture if that was the purpose.
speaking of bikes - i like walking accross the steel bridge. it may be loud, but in some ways it is actually quiet. one item i don't like is having to share the space with bikes. not trying to be a hater now that i have my bike out and really want to go, but the sidewalk is pretty narrow and can't accomadate both people and bikes. ALSO, there is a sign on both sides of the bridge if you are going with traffic that states - Bikes On Roadway. i interpret that to mean that bikes should be on the roadway and not on the sidewalk. when i confronted a bicyclist today about that, he stated that the sign was a warning for autos that there may be bikes on the roadway and to be cautious. ok, i'll bite. i actually felt a little verklempt because i hadn't thought about it that way. i still feel i may be right, but am willing to ask others for clarification. so, off to blogosphere i go.


MerchMikey said...

OK Kids, break it up.

Cyclists, don't be pussies. Get Yo ass on the road. I have a Seven and I ride on the road w/ cars. I was hit a few years back and the insurance money helped me get my new ride.

Brett, don't be hatin'. Any more vigilateism and I might craft you a superhero costume. Hmmm, I smell a poll. What superhero moniker should Brett adopt. "UrbanGuy", "CoffeeWhore"? Maybe "Chi Brettvera"

MerchMikey said...

oops, I meant VIGALANTEISM, I think