Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Book of Joe

just finished yet another great book. The Book of Joe by Jonathon Tropper was excellent. The plot is a 34 year old writer whose best selling book thrashes his hometown of his youth now has to return home when it father falls ill. Once back in town, Joe is forced to deal with his book and some past demons. Along the way, he figures some things out about his own life and rekindles some friendships before it's too late. What i loved the most was Troppers method of taking me back to his youth and describing the challenges of high school from a perspective of the wall flower. Dealing with the jocks and assholes who roam the halls and see where they ended up. the book made me cry on the max too, so that is immediately a high mark.

so, off to powells today to pick out something new for my commute and the trip. did i tell you i was going on vacation soon? hmm maybe. well, i'll keep moblogging and you can figure out where i'm at.

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