Saturday, June 04, 2005

love this building

love this building 2
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there are numerous abandoned (or what looks abandoned) old buildings around downtown. with the economy like it is, i am actually surprised such prime real estate goes unused. i guess all the money is going to the pearl, river district and suburbs. oh well, every city needs some old buildings to grafitti.
the buiding on the left is over by Rich's cigar store @ 8th and SW Alder. it has something in the ground floor - pear - or something. i think they help disadvantaged kids. there's also a gallery by the same name.

i stop and admire building and imagine what i could do with them:

indoor water park?
5 story restaurant - 3 tables per floor for ultimate privacy
my own home- wow!
top floor bar with terrace
cool ass modern apartments
huge ass shoe store
5 story doggy daycare/boutique hotel for pups

your thoughts?

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frykitty said...

I always think a place like that would make a fantastic co-housing project. A common floor, a garden on the roof...