Tuesday, July 26, 2005

am i that clueless

frykitty just posted that ww is owned by the O. is that true? i consider myself a well informed individual especially when it comes to portland, but i wasn't aware of that incestuous relationship. ack! my opinion of ww is falling fast.

hey, woke up this morning and you weren't there. i miss you. the pups miss you. hope your having fun and relaxing. love you.

gave away dog food yesterday. my sis and her brood showed up for a surprise lunch. i always love seeing these kids - jack and henry. jack is 3 and henry is 2. henry greeted me with a screaming crying face. oh, what fun... i just smiled and picked him up and walked around to quiet him. it works. i don't normally know this stuff being child free and all, but when henry visited as a baby, he just wouldn't stop crying. i picked him up and began walking around our house one evening and he calmed down a little. to really put him at ease, i began singing to him. first it was pearl jam's "Elderly woman behind the counter in a small town" and then it was a christmas song and then itsy bitzy spider and then . . . well you get the point. since i was standing in front of my building downtown, i chose not to begin singing to my nephew. maybe i was a little embarassed or shy or whatever. i'm ok getting up in front of unknown crowds @ bars, but i guess not in front of some of my coworkers.

so, back to the dog food. i came upon a small group of kids with a cute dog and offered a couple bags of food. the woman was so excited i think she wanted to hug me. initially, i was nervous because they appeared a bit rough and aggressive, but after she saw the food, all the tension melted away. it was when i was crossing the street that i thought - i have more than enough of these samples - i should have given her all of them to share with other doggy friend. i also thought to tell them that if they have other doggy friends to maybe have a place in downtown where i walk by at a specific time and hand out food. hmmm. i'll have to think about that one a little.

my nephew:
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Sally said...

WW is owned by the editor and managing editor of the paper - definitely not the O. whoever told you that is misinformed.

Betsy said...

Definitely not owned by The O.

The Portland Business Journal is a distant cousin of The O's, though - they're both owned by various arms of the Newhouse publishing empire (Conde Nast is also another arm.)

frykitty said...

It wouldn't be the first time I've misremembered something, but I do distinctly remember WW being bought out several years ago by the O, and lamenting our loss of an independent weekly (this was before we had any others). If things have changed, that's great.

frykitty said...

*does more research*

WW is owned by City of Roses Newspaper Co. I stand corrected, and am happy to do so.