Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Jack Bog just figured it out

Jack, I am surprised you are just now figuring out that Portland is a great walking city. I walk everywhere and I'm a reader of your blog no less. I have to post this here as you're not accepting comments this week.

Walking in Portland is healthy, energetic and safe in my humble opinion.

All others, if you want to see what Jack wrote, go here.

walk walk walk.


Jack Bog said...

Who says I just figured it out?

A bunch of foot doctors just figured it out. I've known it for years.

Rozanne said...

Do you have Laura O. Foster's book, Portland Hill Walks? I recommend it.

Tanya said...

I found this blog from Jack's blog. I love the Internet. Anyway I told him too, but I moved to Mexico a couple of years ago and when I cam back I decided to be a ped commuter. I haven’t owned a car for close to ten years but I decided to even lock up my bike. It totally changed my life in so many ways. It was amazing. I stopped going to the gym, I was calmer, I started planning better (you need to because getting places takes so long) and I lost a bunch of weight. I got so into it that I quit my job and changed careers to promote really fun ways to stay healthy instead of just going to a gym. It was awesome. Truly. I feel so glad to be living in Portland and able to function without a car!