Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Joel Gion

Joel Gion
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how can you resist this? jet setted to san fran for the weekend - yes, right after our little trip to vermont - but i digress. yes, it was a pilgramage - to see a band no less. we were there to see the Brian Jonestown Massacre. if you don't know them, they are from sfo and lax and have a dandy warhol's sound. i know, i know, everyone is different and yes they are, but for the layman, i can only offer that comparison. the show was good. the venue was amazing. the bottom of the hill club is one of those that has probably seen bands like the ramones all the way to billy idol and elvis costello. gotta love it. when we drove by on the way to din din, there were probably 200 people waiting outside. this concerned all of us, but when we arrived a little later and still saw the crow, i chose to go to the front and ask - we have tickets, what do we do? come on in was the answer.
well, the first two bands were sub par, but brian jonestown massacre - let by anton newcomb - were great. the highlight of the show for me was the antics. i'll say it - anton is crazy - wacky, mentally disturbed - but we love him for it. the best part was Joel. Joel plays tamborine and is the center of all attention - center of the stage where normally the lead singer would be. joel has a crazy 60's beard and a personality and facial expression that rivals any studio actor. when anton was going off on the band and the roadies (did I say crazy?) Joel was goofing for the audience with the best expressions. he even cut his hands on the tamborine and bled for us. looking forward to seeing them in a month or so here in puddletown.
the trip otherwise was great. stayed with tige and allie again - we're seeing them way too much. stayed in pacifica and just hung and shopped, ate and drank all weekend. could you ask for more? we even drove over the golden gate in a convertable - way cool.

so, i'm back in the real world and now have to plan for the brettenium. oops, am i to divulge that? hmmmmmmmm. more later.

photos from SFO:
Golden Gate July 2005




also - wish we had a Chinese Food and Donuts chain here in pdx.


Ghost Dog said...

Neat. I like the second bridge/fog pic, very cool.

Crazed BJM Maniac said...

Now I wouldn't broadly categorize BJM's sound as Dandies like. Personally, I think they've got a more organic vibe and an earthy realism. Where the Dandy's have taken that psychedelic sound and produced it into something catchy and somewhat radio friendly, the BJM have trod down a different path. Have you heard 'God is my Girlfriend' yet? WOW