Monday, July 25, 2005

ww's new finder mag kinda sucks

last week, the big O shot its wad all over the owners of Ripe/clarklewis/Gotham, christening them as the "saviors" of portland's restaurant scene. well, the RIPE crew must have dirty pictures of the willamette week crowd also as the new Finder magazine pours on the praise for the restaurant chain. that's what it is at it's base right? a chain? i like clarklewis. i like gotham. i would love to hit Ripe for one of the suppers. but are they all that and a bag of chips? are they soooo much better than all the other new restaurants cropping up in pdx? no.

enough ranting about Ripe, i'll get blacklisted. so, on to FINDER. well, ww in it's infinite wisdom hired a bunch of east side hipsters to write reviews about portland restaurants, shopping and coffee houses. did they do it right? well... no. first off, the whole magazine smacks of priveledged hipsterness and trust fund white trash. other than the constant praise of the ripe crew, there are numerous references to other SE haunts as if all good stuff only occurs in SE. further, the article about N. Mississippi (my hood) begins with glowing statements about the bars and restaurants and goes on to review 2 of the 14 locales on the street. 2! why gush over such transformation, then leave the people hangin'.

and, they didn't leave the partisanship alone - quote "The Portland Mercury - Ann Romano's One Day at a time" is the highlight of this fact-challenged humor rag, an offshoot of Seattle's The Stranger." so much for jounalistic nuance. assclowns.

also, as you read through the whole mag, you get the feeling that the writers all sleep at The Palm's Hotel on N. Interstate and eat at juniors. I wouldn't set food in the Palms. It's nasty! Anywhere you rent a room by the week screams for a TSP bath. never been to juniors, but i bet few of this crowd has been to gravy or equinox or bold sky.

ack. i was sooooo looking forward to this magazine thinking that WW may do it right. well, i will check out issue 2 as they may read this blog and get the hint.

lastly - lars larson is on the radio in portland, but is not IN portland. he lives in the couve! how can one rant about oregon when they don't even live here. chuckleheads.

i'm glad i got all that out of my system. i'm happier now. on with the day!


frykitty said...

Willie Week is owned by The O. There used to be lots of rivalry between the two--wars like you see between the O and the Trib now. No more, naturally.

PDXFoodDude said...

I'm sure they are NOT owned by the same company. I would have heard.

I just addressed the whole Oregonian 'Ripe Empire' thing over on my blog. Has been the subject of much heated debate.

Enjoying you blog as I am a HUGE walker.