Thursday, July 28, 2005

lunch walk

so, i walked up to my favorite public art piece, the interactive brush head accross from Powells on W. burnside. i love that thing because i can reach it and make it move. people always stop and stare, wondering what i'm doing. i love that too. i'm such a girl. another bit of note, the old Panarama is being redeveloped into small stores called Powell Station or something. That should be a good use of that property. lunch @ Half and Half and then back to work. i did stop in @ banana republic to get my shop on. all of the new fall clothes are in (i know, it's 80 degrees out and the long sleeved sweatshirts are all the rage.) i was able to pick up some great shortsleeved shirts that will work for both work and play. i do love this fashion style of the snaps and a western cut to the shoulder. i think people get a bit wierded out when i show up with one of them and my slacks and dress shoes. then again, with the uber long hair (not blown dry once this week) and the scraggily beard, who blames them. and i want to excel? hee hee.
pio square had some really good music today - kinda rockin and such. i gave away 2 bags of dog food to a young guy and his pup who actually had a sign that said - We're both hungry. what made me feel good today was that when walking to work with my extremely conservative co-worker, he commented on my act of giving stating that i was a good guy. wow, validated in the eyes of a bushie. hmmmmm.
weekend is almost here, what are you going to do? i'm heading to the beach with our niece and nephew to go see the turtles @ the aquarium. last summer we did the zoo and they loved it. i'll photog the event and tell you all about it.
well, i just realized i'm really really hot back here in the office, so i'm gonna grab another beer and go hang with A and find out how her week was. cya.


M said...

It pains me to see photos of sunny Portland and hear about how hot it is and see not a drop of rain forecasted for the next two weeks. We're not so lucky where I am, though we're having a breath of hot, humid air for a day or two. My weekend will involve dogs. Going to a pound to buy a dog for my mother-in-law.

Rozanne said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.

I love walking around PDX, too. Such a great city for walking.

My weekend plans include drinking beer at the Brewers Fest and maybe taking a hike in Indian Heaven Wilderness.

Doesn't get much better than that!