Monday, August 01, 2005

here's looking at you kid!

here's looking at you kid!
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visited the oregon coast aquarium this past saturday with the niece and nephew. since they are under 18 and i can't get them to sign the disclosure contract, i will keep them anonymous. suffice it to say, they are 3 and 5 and look like their dad. the drive out to newport was pretty frickin long- 4hrs. i never thought it would take that long, that's why we decided to do this. initially, it was difficult with the kids, but we had fun. also, they were excellent at lil sambo's in lincoln city.
the aquarium was great. just the right size too. the zoo goes on forever and with kids, it's hard to see everything. at the aquarium, we saw the turtles, the fishes, the sharks, the puffins, the sea lions and walruses. they were all out in force showing off for the kids. my favorite part was the huge windows looking into the fish tanks. there were some great fish there. the smallest one was dissapointed he couldn't bring his fishing pole, but once he saw the fish, i think he understood why. we did a fare amount of walking that day and the drive back was pretty quiet with everyone - and i mean everyone - taking a nice 2hr nap.
sunday was chill day with a walk down n. mississippi to our favorite buritto shop and then later some shopping on hawethorne and then a movie. if you want to laugh your gut out, go see Wedding Crashers - i haven't laughed that hard in a movie theater in a very long time.

so, this will be a busy week. it's my b-day sometime this week and i have to prepare mentally for all the fuss. mind you, i love the attention, but i am also not one to advertise the event and then i get pouty that no one is wishing me happy b-day. vicious circle and all. cya.
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