Monday, August 29, 2005

comment on downtown portland

just a comment, that's all. no opinion here.

walked to coffee today. saw a rally @ pio square. saw a homeless dog with a raincoat on. saw the governor of Oregon. drank iced chai.

and, wait for it.

watched a line form of 5-6 people outside the Liquor Store on SW Alder just up from the bus mall. it was 10:29 and the store didn't open until 10:30.

just a comment people. no opinion here.


Rigo said...

You couldn't have come up and say hi? I was all alone in that line.

LeLo in NoPo said...

That's My liquor store: I work like 2 blocks from there, and yes, the scene is every bit it appears to be from the waiting line out front. Muy popular! Rigo, was that you with the dog with the raincoat on?

MerchMikey said...

Did you see a "drinky crow" in your travels? If you did maybe he could make an appearance here.